Coordinated treatment planning

WorkSpine gets spines working

Better workers compensation patient outcomes

Spinal injury management, particularly occupational spinal injury management can be complex and time consuming.

Patients are often in considerable pain and may be experiencing reduced mobility yet typically, they are expected to visit multiple locations to get the specialist care they need.

Over many years of specialist neurospinal practice, the founders of WorkSpine recognised the potential for a single organisation specifically designed to deliver comprehensive spinal injury management to patients in Perth.

From pain management to surgery, cognitive therapy and rehabilitation exercise programmes, WorkSpine covers all aspects required for the successful treatment and rehabilitation of work related spinal injuries.

Our experience has shown that a comprehensive approach to spinal injury management results in better patient outcomes.

Put an end to the spiral of endless referrals and self management and send your work related spinal injury patients to WorkSpine.

We get spines working.